I Am Jill Marie

It has been a weird and challenging life thus far. An elder colleague of mine once mentioned how bizarre things seem to happen to me. At first I dismissed the question as to how when he surfaced the topic, mulling over a lengthy list of names, events, places and intricate details silently. Simply my reply to Roger was I did not know. Since I was an only child, I had to ask myself if this was any subconscious drama because only children are the center of parental attention. No, my Mother made certain I was socialized - played nicely with other kids and shared toys and ‘turns’. Later on I was the kid in the classroom who might be considered aloof. In the professional sphere, I never craved limelight and preferred the background albeit roles were visible. This kicked off the quest to delve deeply for answers. My family had suffered many tragic events, so it was not just me. This had the appearance of a “mini Kennedy curse sans vices” but we were not political, socialites or of fortune.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Not a cliche. This was more than a series of unfortunate events. My intimate friends know my character has always been that of a remedy of unintentional errors - a.k.a. fixing anything I screwed up or an apology for having a less-than-etiquette moment. During this journey of unraveling the ‘boogeymen’, brutal internal questioning ensued. What role did I play in the events? What were my choices? What did I do incorrectly? It was when I began applying my professional skills of logical analysis to these people, places, objects, events, outcomes… I found very, very strange things.

Those strange things came into a rather unsettling view when I put two and two together with some organizations my deceased relatives had participated in. Namely, this was a step-Grandfather.

The next few posts will continue the story.